Protest Rally to Protect Your Right to Know(Islamabad)

It is our right to know how our precious resources are spent by the government. It is our right to have access to documents held by government on the topic and timing of our choosing and not get only that information which government shares with citizens and journalists. This is only possible when we have an effective right to information law. Come join us and raise your voice for a better Pakistan.
Coalition on Right to Information, (CRTI) a consortium of 52 civil society organisations is working to protect and promote citizens’ constitutional right of access to information held by public bodies. The Right of Access to Information Bill 2017 moved in the Senate is highly restrictive like Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002 it seeks to repeal. Journalists  and citizens are already facing difficulties in getting access to certified information from federal public bodies and this bill will not change the situation. Citizens, civil society groups and journalist  are cordially invited to participate in the protest rally against this highly restrictive right to information bill. The protest rally will be held in front of National Press Club on Friday, May 19, 2017 from 02:45 to 03:15 followed by press conference against this bill. CRTI Charter of Demands for the Enactment of Effective Federal Right to Information Law will be presented in this conference.

Contact Person with Cell # Syed Raza Ali- 0336-5444115