Coalition on Right to Information RTI Champions Awards 2015

CRTI RTI Champions Awards ceremony was held to honor winners of awards for year 2015. The awards were given to Mr. Arif Noor, in the citizen’s category, Mr. Waseem Abbasi, in journalist category, and to Shehri in organization category.  Senator Farhat Ullah Babar and Samar Minallah gave the awards.  Speaking on the occasion Senator Babar said that PMLN government was not interested in enacting right to information law and that is why it has failed to table in the parliament right to information bill approved by Senate Committee on Information and Broadcasting on July 15, 2014. Samar Minallah said that Right to information is one of the basic human rights and realization of all other rights is dependent on this right. Mr. Arif Noor said that when he was harassed by his superior for seeking information from his own department he told his seniors that he was citizen of Pakistan first and employee of the department later. Mr. Waseem Abbasi said that right to information law is a great equalizer as it helps journalists who do not have sources to get certified information like senior journalists from government departments.

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